The Golden Forest Inn

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Don't you just love the lamps hanging in the coffee shop? I could do without seeing taxidermy fish while I eat my pancakes though.

The dining room looks like something from the TV show THE WILD WILD WEST.

I don't remember much about the original restaurants, but I do recall that later they changed the name to Mr. Al's which was like a steak house / nightclub when I was a teenager. A lot of local freaks hung out there and I saw prostitution and other criminal activities a plenty!

Years later it would be an IHOP restaurant for a short time. I ate there once and it was truly the worst IHOP experience I have ever had. There were other forgettable names after that, but by that time I had moved away from Anaheim.

Sambo's was the place to get your pancakes when they were in business and they were just down the street a bit at the Inn of Tomorrow!