It was the early 1990s...

and my love of electronic music, led me to the L.A. rave scene. These were some fun times with great music and friends. I will always remember those days fondly. I saved a lot of the flyers and designed a few along the way. In the years leading up to my recording electronic music, I spent a lot of time at these events, dancing, doing some freelance graphic design & occasional DJing and generally just having a lot of fun.

For a long time, I had been wanting to dig out my collection of old rave flyers from that era, especially after seeing that others had done the same and posted images of them online. I pulled the three large manilla envelopes out of the dark recesses of the archives and man, what a trip down memory lane I had going through all of them. I had saved a lot more of them than I remembered, literally hundreds. I went through them all and picked out a stack that I wanted to scan and share. I hope you enjoy the flashback, whether you were actually there or just want to see a little slice of history.



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