50s Bowling Alleys

The bowling alley is another part of vanishing Americana that has fallen on hard times in recent years. Skyrocketing land values in Southern California have made the large plots of land that they lie on attractive to developers.

1950s architects made the bowling centers of that era in modern and often exotic themes and styles that added to their appeal during the height of bowling's public popularity.

Many of these centers have been demolished or are threatened with extinction.

Only the efforts of the community and preservationist groups can save these gathering places from being replaced by another retail chain or housing development.

Here also, are some pictures of

Holiday Bowl - Los Angeles, CA (demolished 2003)

Wonderbowl - Anaheim, CA (demolished) Postcard image

Linbrook Bowl - Anaheim

Premiere Lanes sign - Santa Fe Springs, CA (CLOSED)

Paris Lanes signs- Paris, TX

Country Club Bowl sign - San Rafael, CA