The Ghost Signs of Wonderland Plaza


Wonderland Plaza is located on Katella Ave at Walnut in the city of Anaheim.

At one time the wall that these signs are painted on faced the westbound traffic of Katella and listed the various businesses that the plaza housed. They were probably painted in the early 60s. When Stovall later built their Space Age motel next to the plaza, it obscured the signs almost completely and they were never painted over although time has worn much of the paint away and some fool tagger hit it up recently.

Out of all the businesses that are listed only the liquor store and Marri's Pizza are still there and neither are the original owners. Many of these stores were already gone when we moved to Anaheim in 1972. Does anyone remember the Wood & Ink shop that was next to the laundromat?

I wanted to capture these before they disappeared forever.

On to the pictures.

Vinny D fondly remembers.






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