This photo of the band, with Sheri Steiger out front, was taken in 1961 and was sent in by a reader who knew Paul Cummins and spent many happy times at the Roaring 20s. Thanks Garry!


Here is a postcard view of La Cienega'a Restaurant Row in the 1960s that shows both the Roaring 20s and Gay 90s.

While you could find a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at the Roaring 20s restaurant in the sixties, during the real 20's Prohibition era lawyers and political officials would have never been caught drinking in public. Passed in 1920, the Volstead Act did not make drinking alcohol illegal, instead it only outlawed manufacturing and selling alcohol. Illegal speakeasies run by crime figures like Al Capone sprung up all over, and became the places where people went to socialize and drink.