"Rockets" and "lighthouses" such as this were a classic piece of playground equipment when I was a boy. In fact there was one almost exactly like this at the elementary school I attended in Anaheim in the 70s. It too was removed around 1989 for more plasticrap replacement. We used to climb to the top floor and shake the thing back and forth as hard as we could, thinking we might be able to bring it down. Some years later they would weld shut access to the top two floors There was also large iron discs that could be turned around up top to simulate the "light". It made such a racket that they welded it in place as well. I liked to climb up inside the bars of the roof where there was a small area to perch.

If you have any pictures of this kind of thing from your hometown that you would like to share, scan them in and email them to us and we'll post them here for all to see.

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