Dome Buildings

Photo by D.V. DeVito

Buckminster Fuller brought us the Geodesic Dome as an alternative to traditional building designs, but they never quite caught on in big numbers. Most that I have seen in Southern California are found in less populated areas near the deserts and mountains, but these two can be seen at the corner of Spring and Los Coyotes Diagonal in the city of Long Beach. Some famous dome buildings include the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood , now called The Arclight Cinemas and The Gold Dome Building in Oklahoma City. The Gold Dome was recently saved by diligent public efforts and through the help of Dr. Irene Lam who purchased the former Citizens National Bank building and plans to renovate and preserve it as a mixed-use commercial structure. Here is an old postcard of Pacific's Cinerama Theater on the premiere night of the film "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World" in 1963.


Century 21 Dome Theaters in San Jose, CA