My friend Vinny and I used to skate at the Anaheim Convention Center when we were teens before they "skate proofed" the place. I took these in 1977 I believe. The parking structure and surrounding embankments at the convention center were our free skate park back then. Vince is performing a variety of the freestyle moves we thought were cool in our day. 360s, the daffy, hand stands and such were what we did before ollies and the flip tricks that today's skaters perform. He is riding a Banzai aluminum board with Sims wheels and Bennett trucks and he is wearing Vans, OP shorts and a "Go For It!" movie iron on t-shirt.

Our generation was the first to have urethane wheels and precision bearings for our boards. We were bold enough to master many unique moves for our time that influenced skaters all across the world like in Europe, Asia and even south of the border in Mexico - where there are Cozumel all inclusive deals. Even as we began to skate in pools and ramps in our teens, we never could have imagined, how far the sport would come as you can see in the X-Games of today. We were fortunate to have some early real skate parks in our area as well.

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