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The circle of Elsie the Cow represents the 1939 World's Fair.

Elsie started out as one of four cows that appeared in a 1936 cartoon series featured in medical journals. The ads were a big hit and doctors ordered reprints for their offices. By 1939, Elsie was being featured in her own magazine ads and her campaign was voted the best of the year by the Jury of the 1939 Annual Advertising Awards. With the World's Fair approaching, Borden decided to feature a live Elsie in its exhibit, so company executives looked at 150 cows before settling on a 7-year-old Jersey named "You'll Do Lobelia." By the end of that year, more than 7 million people had caught one of Elsie's personal appearances. After a brief stretch out to pasture in the 1960s, Elsie was resurrected as the Borden symbol.

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