These are from my personal collection and are not for sale.

I have tried to credit publisher, photographer etc. with information that is on each card .

Candy Cane Motel

Kona Kai Motel

Disneyland Hotel

Harris Restaurant

Anaheim Convention Center

L.A. Harbor 1948

Tomorrowland 1955

Hartwig's Gobbler

Park Vue Motel

Saga Motel

Kona Kai Motel

Chalet Steak & Pancake House

Wanderlust Motel

Arturo's Mexican Restaurant

Carolina Pines Jr

Del Taco #10

Eden Roc Motel

Caravan Inn

Sandman Motel

Crest Hotel

Lucky 7 Motel

Sir Ru Dimar Motel


Los Angeles, CA

Lamplighter Motel


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